SMT PCB Assembly

Mecatronics is pleased to announce that, building on the success of our PTH assembly service, we have invested in a brand new SMT pick and place line capable of placing parts down to 0201. This service will be offered to our clients in the UK, utilising our door to door pick up and drop off service.

With our new LS60 Pick and Place machine, coupled together with our Novastar ER0-500 reflow oven and SPR-45VA stencil printer (all housed in its own anti-static facility), Mecatronics is able to offer a very flexible surface mount assembly service.


Having added SMT assembly capabilities to our existing services (which include PTH assembly, box builds, cable manufacture and test services) Mecatronics offers a total electronics assembly solution.

Clients already using our services are aware of our very competitive labour rates in Romania, we are confident that the prices we are able to offer are very appealing.

To see a list of our SMT equipment please view our SMT plant list.


SMT Capabilities

We have invested in a brand new LS-60 SMT pick & place machine.

The new system includes on-the-fly component
centering, resolution of 0.0001" (4 microns) and accuracy to 0.001". It is capable of placing fine pitch components as low as 15 mil (0.3mm) and 0201s.

The line also includes a reflow soldering system, a stencil printer and a dry cabinet. See our SMT plant list for the full technical specs.