Welcome to Mecatronics

At Mecatronics we offer a broad range of electronic manufacturing services, specifically designed to enable our UK partners to benefit from our highly experienced workforce, whilst taking advantage of our lower Romanian labour rates.

The quality of our assembly services is extremely important to us. We have been approved by many leading OEMs, working to very stringent procedures and processes. In addition we are ISO 9001:2008 accredited. Where possible we are happy to make samples free of charge to ensure that the product meets our clients’ expectations.



With our own transportation department we make regular deliveries door to door, ensuring that your products arrive when we state undamaged. This cost effective approach enables our clients to take advantage of the great savings of off shore manufacturing without the hassles that are usually associated.

Benefits of working with Mecatronics:

SMT Capabilities

We have invested in a brand new LS-60 SMT pick & place machine.

The new system includes on-the-fly component
centering, resolution of 0.0001" (4 microns) and accuracy to 0.001". It is capable of placing fine pitch components as low as 15 mil (0.3mm) and 0201s.

The line also includes a reflow soldering system, a stencil printer and a dry cabinet. See our SMT plant list for the full technical specs.